Paddy and Greg Skwira

Unlike most art, pottery is meant to be touched. That makes the surface of a pot an intriguing place to play and experiment. Carving, slip trailing and handmade stamps make that suface a record of decisions, experiments, whimsy, experience and accident that are unique to each pot.

When you use a well made pot you should feel some of the energy that went into its creation. The gestures of the potter’s hand, captured in the fired clay, make that particular pot unlike any other. That human connection is something no machine-made pot, however well designed, can provide. And in a world ever more mechanized and impersonal, this human connection seems increasingly important

We focus on pieces used for cooking, serving, eating, drinking and entertaining — the communal experience of sharing food, drink and time with friends and family. We want our pots to enhance your home and the time you share with the people who are important to you.