Jay Ashrafi

Javad Ashrafi studied architecture at the National University of Tehran and received a master’s degree in 1978. He then came to Columbus, Ohio in 1985 to attend The Ohio State University and graduated with another master’s degree, this time in city planning. Since 1988 Ashrafi has worked as a planner/architect at various architectural firms in Columbus Ohio. His focus is on the artistic aspects of architecture, architectural rendering, building models, interior design, sculpture and painting.

In recent years, Ashrafi began showing his architecturally inspired art throughout the country. His work incorporates a variety of materials including copper, aluminum, paper, gold foil, wire mesh, wood and various recycled materials, namely auto parts. These materials are collaborated over sand based backgrounds on canvas and transparent layers of paint are applied to the work in many stages.

His “Cityscape” artwork was the winner of the Ohio Arts Council Community Partnership Program award in the summer of 2012 and is installed at PNC Bank’s Columbus Corporate Offices.

Ashrafi also has a passion for Persian classical music—he teaches in Columbus and has lectured to music students at universities across Ohio. Since 1988 he has performed at concerts in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Ashrafi was the recipient of the Ohio Arts Council Grant for Apprenticeship for five years.