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2018 Artists

*We are in the process of updating this page.


Judy DeGan

Piece of my Peace Pottery
Carmel, IN

My business name, Piece of my Peace Pottery, truly expresses my joy of working with clay. There is something very soothing about feeling the clay under my fingers and responding to my touch. I like that I can share my peace through my creations. I have always loved art, but it was only as my children grew older that I was truly able to pursue ceramics. Most of my instruction has been through the Indianapolis Art Center where I now teach both adult and teen classes. I have been in many area shows including Broadripple Art Fair, Penrod, and Talbot, as well as some regional shows for the last 15 years. My work can be found at Art IN Hand Gallery in Zionsville, IN.

Todd Feazell

A Touch of Earth Pottery
Cincinnati, OH

Fine & functional stoneware pottery. Wheel thrown and reduction fired to 2300 degrees. All glazes are food safe and formulated by me. No assistants or employees ever used.

Alan Gibson

Clay by Gibson
Clewiston, FL

One of a kind clay wall sculpture utilizing slabs and extrusions underglazes, glazes, overglazes.

Jonathan Kesler

Earthly Arts Pottery
Marysville, OH

Earthly Arts Pottery was established in 1982 by Jonathan Kesler. After 12 years of producing an exclusive wholesale line, Jonathan began to participate in juried art shows, wishing to explore personal ideas and concepts. His university art major and environmental minor coalesced. Nine more years of experimenting and refining have yielded his present style and body of forms.

In the end, he hopes to have created art which suggests the beauty of our natural world. Individual pieces that can be used to generate personal expression and environment, and work which is life inclusive by function.

Jaime and Tracy Iliff

Jaimes Art Pottery
Cincinnati, OH

Jaime’s Pottery features designs inspired by work from ancient civilizations and cultures from all over the world. Keeping to the traditions of the ancients, we make our pottery suing clay dug from local clay deposits. From years of experimentation, we have developed our own glaze recipes. Our unique glazes include pulverized glass recycled from old window planes and remnants of old glass bottles. Along with garden pottery, we also design custom pottery for local business.


Gail Russell

Peachblow Pottery
Sunbury, OH

Wheel thrown & handbuilt pocelain, highfired reduction. Classic copper red, celadon and shino glazes layered for more depth and color. Handmade stamps and sprig molds for texture and interest.

Jeff Unzicker

Unzicker Bros. Pottery 
Union City, IN

Stoneware pottery fired in a wood and reduction kilns for natural and applied ash glazed surfaces.

Jason Wolff

Jason Wolff Pottery
Columbus, OH

J.W.P Pottery is wheel thrown altered stoneware pottery. Our wares are food, oven, microwave & dishwasher safe. Our goal is to create unique hand made pieces that will be cherished for years to come. 


Anna Algers and Monika LeVan

Mo & me Designs
Montgomery, OH

All work from own designs. Fabric and materials are high quality small batch cottons, slik, linnen etc. Hand cut, serged, sewn on machine and by hand. We are neat freaks and our products reflect that!

Jackie Ayres

Jackie Ayres Designs / Dyetology
Westerville, OH

Dyetology is a line of unique, hand-dyed accessories using natural fibers (Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Bamboo, Silk). Natural fibers take the dye amazingly well and as a result, the colors are rich and vibrant. Quality is important to me that is another reason why we use natural fibers- natural fibers are breathable, durable, and feel better wearing them. We use fabrics that feel so good on your body, you won’t want to take them off! In addition, we use permanent, professional grade dyes, chemicals, and detergents for durability and longevity of the item. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Paula Mae Green

Pompano Beach, FL

Paula’s work is meticulously handcrafted with small brushes in order to get the fine detail unusual in most Batik. The Batik process is a craft originating in the 13th century in Java. It is a wax resist technique which involves working with natural fibers such as cotton or silk, fabric dyes and beeswax.

Jan Heppner-McConathy

Felted By Design
Westerville, OH

My one-of-a-kind hand-felted artwork (handbags, hats, jewelry, scarves, vessels, & wall art) is created with ancient wet felting techniques using fiber, soap, water, & my hands.

Kim Lawson

Westerville, OH

High quality textiles and one of a kind patterns are used for every hand crafted handbag. Decorative hardware in the latest styles, trends and colors accent each piece.

Stephanie Livingston

Little Critter Plush
Columbus, OH

Lisa Miller

Dusk 2 Dawn Studio
Cincinnati, OH

Reclaimed fabric, painted/printed in acrylic paint, pieced & quilted, affixed to canvas. Some affixed to front of canvas, some to back of stretched canvas to allow shadow cast from negative space.

Kelley Skillin

Katydids Kritters
Sterling Heights, MI

My love for fabric is reflected in my work. I’m known for combining prints, textures, and colors to create a piece that is original, whimsical, and functional. Even the thread and buttons are complement the overall look.

From the bricks in the doorstops to the fabric on the pillows, I repurpose materials using techniques from a century ago. My studio is zero waste – even pieces of thread are reused to ensure the least amount of impact to the environment.

Mary Williams

Handwoven by Mary Ann
Galena, OH

Articles for home and personal use, woven on 4 and 8 harness looms, using natural and manmade fibers.


Janice and Rick Moore

TJR Artwork
Bryan, OH

Kiln formed glass wall hangings and sculptural pieces accented with metal. The primary influence is nature and the human face.

Richard Bond

Ottawa, Ontario

Since 1985, Richard Bond has been creating unique works of art using glass as the medium for his artistic expression. The photographs on this web site represent a sampling of his work.  Each piece is an original work of art, designed and handcrafted by the artist himself. The images are sandblasted into coloured glass, clear glass, or a combination of both, using hand cut or liquid resist to control the sandblast. The colors in the work are the original colors of the glass; they have not been painted or stained onto the glass and are thus permanent and will not fade.

  Inspired by the Canadian landscape, the artist seeks to reveal the raw beauty and organic energy of the natural environment through his artwork.

 Over many years Richard has developed an extensive client list and his art works may be found in government, corporate, and private collections around the world. In the spring of 2010 Richard was honored when he was chosen by the Government of Canada to create art works for presentation as gifts to the world leaders attending the G-20 Summit in Toronto.

John Boyett

Canton Glass Works
North Canton, OH

My work is a reflection of my life… whimsical and frequently unpredictable.  Influenced by bright color combinations found in tropical plants and the unusual forms of saltwater ocean creatures, my work is often comprised of forms with unexpected adornments.
Aaron Buchholz

St. Louisville Glass
St. Louisville, OH

Hot glass is gathered from the furnace onto a pipe. A bubble is blown before rolled into colored frit. The glass is formed into its desired shape by a combination of blowing and shaping with tools.

Annette Gordon

Paola, KS

I up-cycle antique & vintage glass into flowers. Glass is selected, drilled, assembled & mounted on a steel stem. Flowers range between 3-7 feet tall. I create whimsical bugs from unusual lightbulbs.

Pat Reed

Pat Reed Originals
Reynoldsburg, OH

The body of my work describes physical and implied borders as well as the juxtaposition of textures and space. Mythological themes, archetypal symbolism, and visual narratives are often developed as a byproduct of the play of edges or emerging suggestions from the light and dark values. The contours of the sculptural glass figures and heads are often defined by both positive and negative forms. Paintings often incorporate collage technique of layers of fabric and paper that are added, sometimes subtracted and manipulated (deconstructed), then reapplied to reconstruct surfaces that help to imbue the concept with a sense of metamorphosis/ transformation through layering. The reprocessing and mixing of media informs the direction in which the work develops. Varied art forms have inspired my work, created humbly from the heart.

Cynthia Tesznar

Toledo, OH

Blown glass bottle trees, sturdy for outside, can mix & match. New is lantern series vases, colors inside, metallic finish outside, sandblasted windows to show inside colors.

Marygail Vansledright

Glass, Etc.
Alto, MI

Marygail Vansledright creates textured patterns in glass. Her work is flat and produced in a kiln. All glass is hand cut. No patterns, molds or pre cut glass are used. After the glass is cooled, it is attached to wood for hanging.

Larry Zengel

Hot House Glass
Bowling Green, OH

Decorative and functional blown and hot sculpted glass with a special emphasis on spheres.


Henry Tinney

Key Largo, FL

Copper oxidized with a torch to obtain color and design via different intensities of heat. Mixed metals of sterling silver, copper and brass, with and without semiprecious stones.

Lisa Adkinson

Lisa Robin Jewelry
Dayton, OH

Created in sterling silver or 14k gold plated sterling, I feature natural gemstones in my own designs. Pieces are cast and most gemstones are bezel set. I also use leather, and gemstone beads.

Barb Barbee Jewelry

Barb Barbee Jewelry
Delaware, OH


Susie Brand

Susie Brand Jewelry
Cincinnati, OH

My jewelry is fabricated using sheet and wire that is forged and soldered to create unique designs.

Erin Buscetta

ELM Jewelry Designs
Westerville, OH

My work is all steampunk inspired. I deconstruct old watches, re-purpose antique found objects, re-use old leather and other items that I might find in my treasure hunting. The items I find are usually old and rusty; I file and clean all the keys and metal pieces I come across. The antique jewelry I find to re-use I prefer to be broken already, it’s not only more of a challenge for myself, but I’m also not breaking apart something that has survived over 50 years.

Suzanne Fideli-Krongold and Damon Krongold

Inverness, FL

Hand tooled Precious metal wire(14k,18k,14kgold-filled,sterling)Stones(precious & Semi)Pearls,& dichroic glass are incorporated to form bracelets,earrings and pendants. All designs are my originals.

Kathy and Tim Kawsky

Lesourd Silver
Beavercreek, OH

Techniques include metal smithing, lost wax casting, and fold form. Materials include silver, brass, copper, and various semi-precious stones.

Antoni Kozlowski

Shelby Township, MI

The first formal jewelry I created was amber from the Baltic Sea and I have been working with amber ever since. I prefer larger forms of jewelry. Materials: silver, gold, amber. crystals, leather.

Mike Kozumplik

Sherwood, OH

Meticulously crafted nature inspired designs in sterling silver, 14K gold, bronze, and assorted gemstones. Processes include lost wax casting and various fabricating and finishing techniques

Ronetta Krause

Silver Moon Studio
Bradenton, FL

Using precious metal and traditional techniques forging,etching,and soldering I hand fabricate one of a kind pieces of wearable art.

Pamela Lemons

Williston, OH
Mostly Maille

I make chainmaille jewelry from handmade Argentium Silver & yellow and rose gold fill jump rings using pliers. I fuse Argentium Silver into cabochon settings as well as simple pendants and earrings.

Susan Mahoney

Susan Mahoney Designs
Dublin, OH

I create ceramic jewelry infused with melted glass to create a kaleidoscope of color. Many pieces almost replicate the look of Druzy in natural stone.

Martha Ponn

Martha Ponn Designs
Columbus, OH

Martha Ponn Jewelry Designs has been in business for 26 years. Our team consists of myself and my grand daughter, Kylie. You may have visited our booth at one of the many art & craft shows we exhibit in. Each of our pieces is designed and created by hand in our Columbus, OH studio. We use a variety of high quality metals, like Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay & 14K Gold-Filled to create our designs. These metals are combined with semi-precious stones, beads, shell, pearl & whatever else catches our fancy.

Wendy Witchner

Wendy Witchner Jewelry
Ajo, AZ

Handcrafted wire wrapped jewelry, one-of-a-kind or limited pieces.   Artisan Wendy Witchner travels across America with her faithful four-footed companion Allie, and along the way she finds new and challenging designs to create and add to her ever-evolving jewelry repertoire.

Melissa Woods

Funky Jewelry
Toledo, OH

All the pieces of jewelry I create are my original design and handmade by me, using the skills and techniques I have developed over these 13 years of wire working. I prefer to make the wire flow and look natural, rather than kinked and manipulated looking. My designs are elegant and convey a lot of energy with many spirals, squiggles, colors, and long gentle bends. The only tools I use,other than my hands, are flush-cutters, needle nose pliers, wooden mandrels, hammers and an anvil. At every show I make items specialized to customer’s size or color preference, which puts my skills out on display and really conveys to the patrons that everything in my booth is original and handmade by me.

Andrea Yagoda

Delaware, OH

I create wearable art through beadweaving, bead embroidery and kumihimo. I work with all types of beads and objects to create.

Dawnya Yaykin

Dublin, OH

I create one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces using sterling silver precious metal clay, 14K gold-filled and sterling silver chain and findings, semi-precious stones, and leather.

Tess and Dale Yeager

Haegtessa’s Art
Noblesville, IN

Self taught wire artist. Working in sterling silver and vintage copper wire. Each piece is hand made one of a kind with no reproductions. No glue jiggs molds or solder are used.



Caroline Clarke

Thomaston, GA

I am third generation in the art of making leather. I design my own patterns that I hand cut out of the finest leather. Then I sew the purse together.

C.A. Harris

Ravenworks Deerskin
Mount Victory, OH

Influenced by the history of deerskin in this country, we learned to work with thisexceptional material, so soft, but difficult to cut or sew, because of it’s strength.After working with it for more than 30 years, we have mastered the skills needed toproduce exceptional handbags & accessories.

Michelle Ishida

Starfish Earth
Columbus, OH

Handbags made from cut leather appliques in various tree and animal designs, cut and dyed belts.


R. Dean & Gloria Barkley

Michigan Made Metal
Hartland, MI

Drawn designs are plasma cut into sheet metal, swirl grinded,”fired” for color then welded to hand cut & bent rolled steel until artistic image achieved. Powder coated for the highest quality finish.

John Formato

Short Line Spikes
Depew, NY

Using recycled railroad spikes as the focal point, I weld different metal onto them to depict people in their profession, playing a sport or musical instrument. Larger pieces are made from PNO steel.

Donald Persinger

Classic Copper
Lancaster, OH

I use copper, brass, I form copper into cups, then solder them on brass rods to pick up wind.

Jerry & Penney Whisenhunt

Altra Design 2000 Inc.
Huntington, IN

Recycled/new material is used with hand tools, home made fixtures, and heating of some desired pieces. Drawing, cutting, sanding, forming/pounding and welding. Painting or leaving a rustic look.

Mixed Media

Jay Ashrafi

Powell, OH

Hand shaped copper sheet, wire, copper mesh & found objects soldered & hot glued over painted cement base background on canvas to create three dimensional abstract images.

Lee Burstein

Burstein Art
Coral Springs, FL

I use Acrylic, oil, chalk, pastels textures and Glass. Some glass and stone wall sculptures.

Allen and Edna Danielsen

Lamps from the Attic
Mt. Joy, PA

We make unique lamps from antiques, cast iron, black pipe, and salvaged metals.


Michelle Flaum Hall

Yep Food Collage
Oakwood, OH

I create food collage using magazine photographs glued on canvas I have painted with acrylics. Every collage is created entirely out of food images.

Bill Miller and Susan Kelleghan

Dreamstrokes Art
Marysville OH

Where the lens Meets the Brush. Integrating photography & acrylic painting to create unique pieces of art.

Kenyatta Ray

Heverlee, Belgium

I continue to capture my images on film, scan them into a computer,I remove all color,only black remains,then burn onto silk screen.hand pull oil base ink on paper,I finish hand color with watercolor.

Jess Sheldon

Cityscape Tiles
Cincinnati, OH

Both film and digital cameras are used for my work. The images are then transferred to ceramic tiles and embedded into handmade oak wood frames and trays.

Amy and Mark Thompson

Englewood, OH

We are mixed media artists that utilize reclaimed wood and stained glass to create original, sculptural and inlaid wall art panels.

Lisa Vetter and Paul Siefert

The Art Farm
Spencerville, IN

Primarily functional assemblages are created of found objects and mixed metals. Techniques include fabricating, forging, surface design, cold connecting, and collage.

Painting & Drawing

Diane Ackers

Diane Ackers LLC
Lancaster, OH

I’m a contemporary artist who creates expressive art that consists of nature and nonobjective work. Inspired by nature and the human spirit, I combine an intuitive style of painting with techniques us.

Kathy Anderson

Granville, OH

I use acrylic paints and mediums to build layers and a variety of techniques to create visual interest including scumbling, glazing, scraping, etc. before applying several final layers of varnish.

Zhen Zhong Duan

Dublin, OH

I use realism or romantic freehand way to describe where i have been, I like the scenery. I use a knife or brush,painted on canvas or paper.

Shannon Godby

Sardinia, OH

I create abstracted landscapes from real places with multiple layers of acrylic over textured surfaces.the layers are applied as a mix of glazes and thick paint to create a soft dreamlike quality.

Edwin Kitchen

Lancaster, OH

Watercolor paintings on 140 pound arches paper.


Heather Miles

Indianapolis, IN

I create large, abstract paintings using acrylic paint, washes and sprays.

Said Oladejo-Lawal

Said Oladejo-Lawa
Columbus, OH

Acrylic and oil on Canvas, Themes from nature, from portraits to landscapes

Jim Siemer

Columbus ,OH

I am spellbound by the watercolor medium and desire to capture the splendor of various destinations throughout Ohio utilizing its translucent, vibrant and mystical powers.

Tom Stenger

Delaware, OH

I use Arches 140 hot but sometimes cold. like the graininess. Any wc brand, mainly Windsor-Newton/Cottman. All techniques like scraping, lifting etc. Aim for bright.

Nancy Tome

Ft. Myers, FL

Original acrylic painting on canvas.

Samuel Whitehead

SB Whitehead Fine Art
Doylestown, PA

I’ve worked for many years as a freelance illustrator, accepting assignments from the top magazines, newspapers, publishers and other specialized clients from all over the United States, but I’ve always harbored a love of painting. Until recently, I just painted for my own pleasure, but I decided in 2011 to offer many of these private works for sale. My work can now be seen at juried art exhibitions, art fairs and other festival events where I make new friends, gain new collectors and have great conversations about all things art.

Loretta Wikstrom

Beavercreek, OH

My work consists of paintings in water media such as watercolor, acrylic, colored pencils, inks, etc. Some are collages made with rice to tissue paper, and or found objects in a layering technique

Clinton Wood

Cincinnati, OH

I use traditional techniques on rigid surfaces to explore urban geometry with intense color and shadow.

Worthington Area Art League

Worthington, OH

The Worthington Area Art League is open to Amateur and Professional Artists so you will see a wide variety of techniques and mediums, as well as, styles and subject matter on display in our booth.

Photography & Printmaking

Benjamin Keffer

Wandering Press
Winona Lake, IN

My designs are all quote based. I start by creating a hand made drawing that I turn into a printmaking screen. I then hand pull my designs onto socially conscious french paper.

David Yunker

Yunker Images
New Albany, OH

Mark Bair

Mark Bair Photography
Columbus, OH

My images are printed on aluminum with clear coat. I also have smaller matted prints on metallic paper.

C.W. Banfield

The Wilderness Gallery
Howell, MI

Large format film photography. I drum scan the transparencies, make minimal color corrections and print via inkjet on metal. Then apply a UV laminate. Most are presented sans frame. All archival.

Rick Braveheart

Columbus, OH

Emotive images of America’s national lands. All processing by the artist. Archival material. Mood conveyed by waiting for the optimal light, long exposures and selection of substrate.

Chris Coffey

Chris Coffey Photographs
Akron, OH

Gelatin Silver photographic images hand printed by the artist from large format negatives (4×5″ up to 7″x17″) in a traditional darkroom without the use of computers or outside services

Robert Coomer

Robert Coomer Photography
Batavia, OH

Revealing beauty in hidden, unexpected places, printed with archival inks on fine art papers and rusted, worn, distressed, metal and industrial panels to build emotional connection with images.

Wes Garlock

Wes Garlock Photography LLC
Willoughby, OH

I travel across Europe in the beginning of the year to capture the beauty of vagabond lifestyle.

John Hartung

Art That Smiles
Clearwater, FL

Photography of animals with Nikon equipment, a variety of lenses, much observation and lots of patience to capture their personality. Printed on photo paper and canvas using archival materials.

Robert Jones

Robert Jones Photography
Waleska, GA

I shoot with B&W, Infrared and High Dynamic Range techniques. I print (and stretch) my images on Pro-Stylus8000 printers with 200-year-archival ink sets. Only premium archival papers/canvas are used.

Jeff Kuhlman

Columbus, OH

I am a landscape film photographer. I develop my own film, make my giclée prints, matte all my work and do my own framing.

Ron Mellott

The Nature Gallery
Bloomington, IN

I created limited edition photographs of two subject matter: intimate landscape (large format film) and closeup macrophotogrpahy (digital capture). I print & produce my own work in my studio.

Daniel Powers

Powers Photography
Dayton, OH

Using a Pentax 6×7 film camera and high-speed roll film, I capture subdued low light scenes. I hand process and print my photographs in my traditional wet darkroom on photographic paper.

Stewart Rein

Stewart Rein Photography
Summerdale, AL

My art is realistic landscape photography. I don’t own Photoshop. I create on location, not on my computer. I print on photographic paper, large canvas, dye infused aluminum, and glass.


Robert Porreca

Robert Porreca Sculpture
Columbus, OH

Indoor and outdoor sculpture. Some small clay figures, small bronze. Relief sculpture with color. Large outdoor abstract sculpture.

William Colburn

Iron Age Studio
Birmingham, AL

Large scale work. Hand cut from heaven steel plate, shaped over a coal fired forge & weld fabricated. My work embodies the whimsy of the natural world in gigantic forms.

Wearable Art

Avril Clindinin

Avril’s Designs
Irvington, NJ

I design and hand make a collection of ladies clothes and accessories from the finest fabrics. Each is engineered to fit many body types for fun and fashion and embellished to make a unique creation.

Jessica Joy

Goldyfish Handbags
Bellefontaine, OH

Wearable fiber handbags entirely designed and made by the artist. Hand cut patterns constructed with impeccable craftsmanship. Material:suede/brocade/faux fur/silk/tapestry/vintage/feathers.

Sierra Krause

Indigo Artwear
Allentown, PA

I design women’s Artwear inspired by the idea of combining hard angles and flowing lines . Each piece is sewn from original patterns and printed to create a unique and highly wearable piece of art.

Donna Marchetti

Donna Marchetti Design
Cleveland Heights, OH

I hand-dye and hand paint natural fabrics to make unique wearable art, primarily women’s scarves, shawls and jackets. Techniques include Japanese shibori, batik and hand painting with brushes.

Donna Picione

Chelle’s Closet
Grafton, OH

I design and sew little girls clothing. All of my clothing is 100% washable cotton. I’ve been doing art shows for over 25 years and still love seeing little ones dressed in my clothing.

Dawn Reeves

Stylish Impressions
W. Bloomfield, MI

One-of-a-kind hand-dyed silks using a variety of techniques, designs and silks. Dyes are applied using brushes. Styles include blazers, ruanas, vests, ponchos, shawls, scarfs and ties.

Julie Zeager

Chalk Monkey Dyeworks
Kent, OH

Chalk Monkey Dyeworks creates beautiful wearable accessories including neckties and scarves. We have a line of ecodyed items using only natural materials and a line of traditionally dyed items.


Deborah and Paul Bahm

Schoolhouse Woodcrafts
Mount Vernon, OH

We are wood turners, with an emphasis on fine art vessels as well as usable birdhouses & other items. The wood used is gathered by the artists. We recycle fallen trees into art.

Scott Gordon

Scott Gordon Woodworker
Hilliard, OH

Fine woodworking art. Many natural edged bowls turned on the lathe and other crafted pieces. Some pieces are fine craft; others are for artistic value, only. All pieces are handmade.

Dave Grabarczyk

Wooden Creations
Perrysburg, OH 

Jewelry boxes of solid hardwoods with exotic wood accents; suede lined drawers, sanded smooth, stained, sealed and coated with a protective finish to enhance the natural appearance of the wood.

Mark Hilligoss

fairTURN Studio
Hilliard, OH

I hand turn wooden bowls, hollow vessels, and platters mostly from domestic hardwoods. Bowls are turned from whole logs or from glued-up segments in layers creating visually interesting patterns.

Robert Linn

Edmond, OK

Using the finest domestic and sustainable exotic hardwoods, I hand cut, sand, and finish Asian zen sculptures, rustic Appalachian bow saws, and contemporary art boxes.


Dean Parham

Deep Design LLC
Copley, OH

Wood, a basic building block of civilizations is used in the crafting of three dimensional art. Whether carved, turned, or planed, the grains, hues, patterns, and textures of the wood are celebrated.

John Schultz

John Schultz Custom Furniture
Whitehouse, OH

Hand crafted solid wood furniture from artist’s design. Process involves planning of lumber, cutting, assembly and finishing of the piece.

Chris Sible


I make items out of old whiskey barrels: bottle openers, key holders, wall hangings, lazy susans, trays, clocks, flags, barrel head wall hangings, coat hooks, cutting boards, arrows, skylines, wallets.

Thomas Stahl

Stahl Bowls
Fairfield, OH

My segmented wood bowls are made from 37 to several hundred small pcs of domestic & exotic woods from around the world. All have a high gloss non-toxic food safe finish. All are numbered & signed.

Greg Thomas-Moore

The Little Wooden Box Company
Deltona, FL

Small, finely crafted, whimsical decorative wooden boxes made from domestic and exotic hardwoods.

Michael West

Athens, OH

Wooden utility bowls and treenware harvested from storm damaged trees or trees that need to be removed. Items made are from tree to table including spoons, spatulas, rolling pins and cutting boards.

2018 Artists

Julie Freniere-Gibson

Wood & Sliver
Prospect, KY

Salvaged wood art…My pieces are made from reclaimed wood. The beauty is in the weathered & worn aspect of the wood. I use a variety of paints, stains, metals, as well as wood burning techniques.

Kim McClelland

Tree of Life Art Works
Galena, OH

Engravings on man-made and natural materials presented as 2D & 3D One of a Kind and limited editions. we also make most of our frames other than antique found objects.

Igor Nasibyan

Silhouettes by Igor Nasibyan
Erie, PA

I am an artist in action. Using only scissors and black paper, I cut completely freehand a highly detailed silhouette portrait of a model and adhere it to white poster-board with an oval mat.

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